Mastered in Nashville at the legendary Georgetown Masters by Andrew Mendelson

WAVE 21 is a new Country-Rock band out of Montreal which is embarking on the journey of a lifetime, and are presenting their music live for the first time in 2018.
            The lead singer, Mary-Lynn Doroschuk, is the daughter of Stefan Doroschuk, longtime guitarist, producer and publisher of Men Without Hats, who is also producing their first eponymous album, out now!
            With influences from The Eagles, to Carrie Underwood, to Fleetwood Mac and beyond, WAVE 21 delivers melodic rock with timeless riffs, lavish harmonies, and lyrics that read like short stories on life, love, and rock n’roll.

So consider this your official warning! Brace yourself!!
WAVE 21 is coming ashore!!!

Mary-Lynn is also currently in the classical guitar program at McGill University, as well as singing in the McGill University choir. 

Mary-Lynn Doroschuk: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Nick Rivera: electric guitar, vocals
Emmy-Lou Doroschuk: vocals, keyboards 
Stefan Doroschuk: bass, vocals, guitar, violin 
drums: Kenny Aronoff, Harry Stinson 

Drums recorded at The Soundkitchen Studios in Nashville by Chuck Ainlay, Mattias Eklund, Brad Bowden and Harry Stinson.
Everything else recorded and mixed at Big Mountain Studio, high up in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec by Stefan Doroschuk and Mary-Lynn Doroschuk

Produced by Stefan Doroschuk

All songs written by Mary-Lynn Doroschuk & Emmy-Lou Doroschuk​

All songs published by Marylou Songs/SOCAN ©2018

“..a sleeper contender for album of the year... organically fresh."
Wave 21 releases LP -
Canadian country rock juggernaut Wave 21 have been lighting up the indie music airwaves with their new self-titled album, and from one corner of North America to the next critics and fans alike have been abuzz over what has become a sleeper contender for album of the year. Wave 21 are a modern count...

"Bands like this one tend to only come around a great once in a while…"
Wave 21 releases self-titled LP
Wave 21 releases self-titled LP FACEBOOK:

“...nothing short of divine,...this record could be one of the most cohesively produced albums I’ve reviewed.."
Wave 21 releases debut LP
Wave 21 releases debut LP

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